Lanai Collection

Lanai Collection is a contemporary American menswear brand inspired by the Hawaiian Island of Lanai.

Client: NewCo Branding | Lanai Collection
Services: Branding, Design, Web

Lanai Collection was the capstone collection for Larry and David Ellison for their luxury casual menswear brand named after the island of Lanai, Hawaii. As the brand was created from scratch with the concept of the small “pineapple island” in mind, we were tasked with creating a brand logo and identity system and patterns to become the pillars for the look and feel of the collection. Logo patterns evolved into to the brand DNA as print patterns, zippers, garment tags and unique clothing details.

After over a year of developing the brand, the collection successfully launched in 2015 and was featured in pop up stores on Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade, Rothman’s in New York City, Nordstrom’s and sold online at